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Development of Car Headlight Bulb

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Company News
Development of Car Headlight Bulb



As a lighting tool, car headlight bulb is extremely important for safe driving at night for any drivers.

The development of auto car headlight bulb basically have following five stages:



STAGE 1 - Fuel Stage

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Because candle, kerosene or acetylene will burn for luminescence directly. There are obvious defect such as low luminous efficiency, poor brightness, unstable performance and complex operation, which can only meet the requirements of earlier headlights.



STAGE 2 - Ncandescent Lamp Stage

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In 1879, Edison invented the incandescent light bulb, and automobile lighting entered the electrical age. In 1925, the automobile entered the era of incandescent lamps.



STAGE 3 - Halogen Lamp Stage

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In the 1950s, halogen lamps appeared and soon became the main light bulb for automobile high-intensity light sources. The basic luminous principle of halogen lamp is the same as that of incandescent lamp, both of which are heat radiation sources.


The difference is that the tungsten halide lamp is filled with a special working gas, which is a mixture of 95% (dibromomethane and krypton) and 5% high purity nitrogen. These gases create the tungsten halide cycle in the bulb, hence the name of the tungsten halide lamp (also known as the halogen lamp). The incandescent and halogen lamps are called the first car light revolution!



STAGE 4 - HID Xenon Lamp Stage

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In 1991, Germany invented the principle of Automotive HID (High Intense Discharge High Intense Gas Discharge Lamps). In 1995, the new Benz E-Class sedan was the first to apply HID xenon lamp. Up to now, more than ten million cars around the world have installed xenon lamp. Popular in Europe and the United States, East Asia, South Asia and other regions, known as the second revolutionary lamp automotive lighting products, after the ABS brake system and airbag after the necessary assembly of high-grade cars.


It has the advantages of high luminous efficiency, high brightness, high reliability, longer service life (theoretically 2000-3500 hours), higher color rendering index and so on.



STAGE 5 - LED Light Source Stage

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Light-Emitting Diode (short for Light-Emitting Diode), a semiconductor capable of converting electrical energy into visible Light, has changed the principle of tungsten filament emission in halogen bulbs and tri-base toner emission in energy-saving lamps by using an electric field.


According to the analysis, the advantages of LED are very obvious, with long life, high light efficiency, no radiation and low power consumption. LED spectrum is almost all concentrated in the visible light band, its luminous efficiency can reach 90%! The principle of LED headlamp luminescence is cold light source luminescence, from the principle of "fireflies" luminescence, calorific value is very low, so low calorific value, no lamp can match!


Bright, fast and energy saving are the most significant characteristics of LED headlights! Therefore, LED technology is called the third lighting revolution, more and more car headlights have adopted LED headlights.

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